Vintage Clothes in 2014

  1. Crop top

If you have the body, you can wear crop tops. They are once again in, and you should take full advantage. There are many women who have waited for this moment. You can wear it with a pair of pants, and even with an ankle-length skirt. You will be amazed by the result. If you don’t have the body, maybe this is the reason that will motivate you to start some exercises.

  1. Oversize blazer

There is a huge step from the small to crop to the oversize blazer, but this is the year of great changes, when you can easily experiment with different styles. There is no need to tell you that oversized blazers are comfortable and stylish because you already know this. The only thing you can do now is to replace your usual coat with an oversized blazer. This is a classic choice that is worth it.

  1. Neck scarf

There are some accessories that never grow old. If you want to look stylish, then there is a piece of wardrobe that shouldn’t miss from your closet. Therefore, you can wear the traditional scarf with many different outfits, going for the vintage look. You can wear it in many different ways, as you like it better. This is the time when you create your own style. Princess Diana is the best example in this regard.

  1. Trench coat

If there is a must have in any woman’s wardrobe, it is definitely the trench coat. You can wear it with jeans, elegant pants, and even skirts, being able to accessorize it with anything you wish. In this way you can create different types of outfits that will make your day better.

  1. Biker jacket

Even if it is not as popular as the famous trench coat, you can easily wear the leather jacket with many interesting outfits, so you should feel free to mix them as you like.

  1. Logo sweater

You don’t have to wear this outfit all day long, but even if you go out shopping groceries you can opt for this. In this way you will be both comfortable and fashionable.

  1. Floral print

There is no need to say too many things about the floral print, just the fact that this is a style that never dies. Therefore, you should definitely go for it.

  1. Capris

You may have your doubts concerning this, but the truth is that capris is great, and it has a powerful comeback. You can easily match it with some other vintage wear, creating a unique look.

  1. Pant suit

This is the outfit you should definitely wear, especially if you have to go to the office. The choice is entirely up to you. However, if you like elegance, you will definitely take this in consideration.

  1. Bright retro prints

No matter what you choose, make sure that you wear some bright vintage prints. In this way you can easily keep it casual.

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